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Holiday season tips: 
Maintaining Emotional, Mental and Physical health. 

As Christmas and the holidays approaches this time of year often comes with expectations of perfect interactions, luxurious food, laughter and gifts. For others this time of year represent increased pressures, loneliness and stress and may also involve interacting with family members you find challenging to be around.  

In light of this I wanted to share some wellness tips and supports for you to think about now before we step into the crazy business of the end of year.  

Some of the pressure felt around now is around finances and buying gifts. Getting together with friends, family, work colleagues can be expensive, however you can plan ways to reduce spending. Some may be:  

  • Kirs Kringle suggesting you only buy presents for the children in the family or hold a Kris Kringle so you only buy for one person in the family that has a set budget like$20 or $30 so everyone has to find the best gift they can for that amount.  
  • Everyone brings a plate.  To reduce the cost and pressure of having to cook all the food for Christmas and/or get togethers over the holidays ask everyone to bring a plate. Share the food you all love with each other.      
  • Find low cost ways to have fun. Don’t let money cut you off from your family and friends. If you can’t afford expensive restaurant meals or cocktail catch-ups, organise a BBQ/picnic in the park. Or a catch up over a coffee or a walk and talk in a nice location.  
  • Bring some fun into your get togethers. This works well if there is tension in the family, rather than everyone sitting around tables in a house think about distracting  and fun activities. Play some games together like Charades there is a free phone app you can download and play with others. Purchase some board games so you can have a few stations set up and everyone has a turn. Plan a movie to watch together. Head to the river for a few hours for a swim. Play some cricket in the backyard.  
  • Don’t abandon healthy habits.Getting together with friends and family can create many temptations but does not mean you have to eat and drink more. Overindulgence often only adds to increased feelings of stress and guilt.                        

Try these suggestions:  

  • Have a healthy snack before bigger meals.  
  • Don’t overeat have a smaller amount of everything you enjoy eating.  
  • Make healthier sweet options.  
  • Minimise your alcohol intake or start drinking later in the day.  
  • Eat healthy meals.  
  •  Include regular physical activity in your daily routine.  
  • Try deep-breathing exercises, meditation or yoga and get plenty of sleep. 
  • Avoid excessive tobacco, alcohol and drug use.  
  • Get out in the sunlight, a park or by the water more during the day. 
  • Be aware of how the information culture can produce undue stress, and adjust the time you spend reading news and social media as you see fit. 

Reach out if you feel you need extra support please don’t feel you need to sit in the feelings of sadness, anger loneliness and anxiety alone. For immediate 24 hour/ 7 days per week support phone Lifeline on 131114 or Beyond Blue on 1300224636.  You can also access these services via email or online chat. Remember these are confidential services. There is also Head To Help which is a hub that can assist you to find the best service to meet your current needs can be contacted on 1800 595 212(free call) open from 8.30am until 5pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays)  

Of course there is myself Ella Smith Workplace wellbeing practitioner providing free and confidential emotional and wellbeing support for small business owners their staff and family members.  You can contact me via phone 0448878994 or email [email protected]

Ella Smith

Ella Smith

Workplace Wellbeing Consultant
0458878994 or email [email protected]

Life line Crisis Support Services

  • Phone 13 11 14 available 24 hours / 7 days – Australia’s largest crisis support line. Anyone in Australia can speak to a trained Crisis Supporter over the phone, any time of the day or night.
  • Lifeline Text 0477 13 11 14 available nightly – Australia’s first SMS-based Crisis Support service, any person in Australia can receive support from a Crisis Supporter by text message every night.
  • Online chat available nightly – The online chat service is available for people who prefer to type than talk. Any person in Australia can chat with a Crisis Supporter through the Lifeline Australia website each night.

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636 All calls and converstaions are one-on-one with a trained mental health professional, and completely confidential. Although you may be asked for your first name and some general details, you can let the service know if you’d like to remain anonymous.

Q Life: 1800 184 527 QLife provides Australia wide anonymous LGBTI peer support and referral for people wanting to talk about a range issue including sexuality, identity, gender, bodies, feelings and relationships. QLife is free and includes both telephone and webchat support

Standby Support after Suicide: 24/7 phone support 1300727247 The StandBy Service is free and confidential and stands by families, friends and associates impacted by suicide, providing respect, understanding and support for their health and well-being. This service is available to you regardless of when your loss occurred.


Local Face to face and phone: Albury Wodonga Mental Health Triage line: 1300104211. Which is for people experiencing mental health issues that they feel they cannot manage and require immediate assistance with.

Albury Wodonga Health: 0260517408 A free and confidential counselling service for adults in the Albury region. Self or professional referrals are welcomed.

Please reach out and contact Ella for some free and confidential ongoing support. This is available to any small businesses within the Wodonga area and businesses that provide cross border services, their staff and family members.

Contact Ella on 0458878994 or email [email protected].

Business Wodonga has partnered with the EACH ‘Partners in Wellbeing – Small Business Wellbeing Program’, and we introduce Ella as the Wellbeing Consultant for this initiative.

The Small business Wellbeing team at EACH provides financial counselling, business advice and psychological wellbeing support to small business owners, their staff, and families.

This is a free and confidential service which includes:

  • Individual and/or group mental health and wellbeing support for people presenting with concerns and anxiety about their business or job. This also encompasses family members of the employee or business owner.
  • Rapid response from a financial counsellor who can provide advice and assistance regarding financial issues including debt and grant eligibility.
  • Wellbeing education sessions and workshops tailored to your need.

Some standard training packages that will be on offer:

  • Psychological First Aid 
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Supporting Each Other Through Change

 Ella’s Contact Details:

To speak to Ella, call the Business Wodonga office on 02 60568302, 0458 878 994 or you can contact Ella directly on email [email protected]. This is a free service. Ella can attend your workspace, meet in a café or in a private space at the Business Wodonga office.

If you require urgent mental health support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or beyond blue 1300224636 or emergency services on 000.


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