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Business Wodonga has partnered with Wodonga TAFE to create and sell hampers containing products from local businesses.

Hundreds of hampers have been sold already, that’s thousands of dollars back to businesses as all the revenue from the sale of the hampers goes straight back to our local businesses.

Below is a registration form for you to pre-order your hampers now. Buy your valuable staff, clients and customers a hamper as an end of year/Christmas gift.

Also, check out our pop-up shop from Monday 9 November for other great surprises. The pop-up is in Stanley Street next to Hello World.

Businesses, we are still seeking products, so register below if you have a suitable product.

Product Registration

Register your products below and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Order Hampers Here

Sign up here to pre-order some hampers, for your staff, colleagues, friends, family.

EoI Hampers

How it Works

How it works?

Three standard hampers at different price points will be made up – possibly $50, $100 and $200. Customers will also have the opportunity to select products for their custom built hampers. They will be able to select from photos and/or product displays within the shop.

We will also aim to attract some large businesses with orders of 100+ hampers for their staff and customers so if you have large quantities of suitable products or a ready-supply of large quantities, please indicate in your registration. We will take orders from customers for large quantities of hampers from 3 November to 17 November. This will leave 2 weeks for delivery of a product/s from the supplier for hampers to be made up and delivered by 11 December to customers.

Register your product/s for the hampers online at busineswodonga.com.au/wodonga-hampers Please indicate the quantity and the price you have on each product you wish to supply. Once received, a confirmation email will be sent and then a follow up phone call will be made by a team member to confirm the final details within 2 business days. You can also register in person at the shop.

All of your products sold will be paid to you on a regular basis.

When your product is picked up/dropped off, please include your business poster, flyer, sticker, business card or anything that give people information on where to find you. We are keen to promote your business.

Hampers will be wrapped, organised and sold by Wodonga TAFE students under supervision as part of their learning.

Who gets the revenue?

The revenue from each of your items sold will be paid to you at the price you indicated. Please accurately record the price you are charging for your product/s within your registration so the value of each hamper will be true.

Organising the pickup of your product:

When registering please indicate if you will be dropping of your product at the shop, 1 Stanley Street (next to our friends and members Hello World) or nominate a date and time for pick up by a Business Wodonga team member, prior to the 3rd of November.

What are the aims?
To support our businesses and provide them with another outlet for their product/s
To encourage and attract shoppers back to our central business area
To support great member Wodonga TAFE and their students

Business Wodonga and Wodonga TAFE’s role

We are supporting our business community by facilitating this project to sell your products.

Business Wodonga will help source and coordinate business participation and the supply of products for the hampers.

Wodonga TAFE will provide the students

To establish displays  and make the shop attractive to passing shoppers

To make and sell the hampers and assist with running a retail business

To provide a high level of customer service

What you can do to support local

Provide products for the hampers

Recommend or encourage other businesses to get involved

Buy a hamper for your staff, family, friends or loved ones

Share your Wodonga Christmas spirit

What products can you share?

Non-perishable food, drinks, personal care items, and dried flowers or ornaments to beautify the hamper and used later for decoration are highly suitable. Other suggestions that were well received were items such as blue tooth speakers or vouchers. If you are uncertain of suitability, submit your product and we will follow up to confirm. Most hampers will start at $30 with a range of up to $200. Products that are not sold will be returned at the end of the promotion so there is no loss for you.